"The Sisters"

April and Tina

Born into a world of Magick and mysticism. These two women bring you all the richness of their lineages. With the combined uniqueness of European and indigenous teachings that date back over five generations, they bring forward all that could be available from classes, workshops, readings and so much more. Their dedication to helping others has reached out to causes like bereavement,  a variety of support groups, animal rights and more.

Come in and step back in time and experience the peace, serenity and magick this shop has to offer.

Our Gifted Staff



Alexis is a psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader and certified herbalist. She is a practicing witch and gifted with the ability to make enchanted candles that are carved and dressed with specific intentions. Specializing in love and fertility magic, her candles are displayed in the shop where she also teaches various workshops.  




Anna has been a practitioner of spiritual healing for over 13 years. A certified Reiki Master, Anna practices divination through Tarot and Scrying to guide her healing sessions for the maximum benefit of each individual client. Each session is uniquely tailored to the needs of every person and guided by spirit. She is also adept in the practices of Shamanic studies and strives to bring health and wellness into her community. 





After 40 years in the blue collar industry, Barbara found a new measure of creativity which centers on more spiritual needs. The path to her enlightenment and awaking comes from her Celtic background with all its mysticism and traditions.

This has led to her to Crystal Healing which can bring messages of hope and self improvement. These messages of expressiveness and harmony are all part of developing a self-awareness to uncover and balance critical life issues.




Bernard is a psychic medium who has been communicating with spirit for over 20 years. In his childhood he had prophetic dreams and over time his clairvoyant ability became stronger. However, it was during his college years that his mediumship ability opened up and his life’s path shifted toward lightwork.  Through this wondrous journey he has since realized spirit’s need to let their loved ones know they aren’t alone and is now fulfilling his soul’s purpose as a medium making sure to bring love, light, and healing to both sides of the veil. 



Hopper is a second-degree level reiki practitioner. Her attunement and training are in the traditional Usui Shikoku Ryoho Reiki method of natural healing, her reiki training also includes shamanic extraction and other modalities.  She also reads the tarot in both English and Spanish. She is also a gifted artisan in the wire-wrapping of crystals and sea glass. Hopper also manages the social media for Magic Moon Sisters 

Our Gifted Staff



Jennifer Jade born In Brooklyn began her bellydance journey in 1999.She has studied with renowned dance artists such as Kaeshi, LaUra, Tarik Sultan, Shahrazad Shiraz, Joanna, Yasmeen El Qa hira, has trained with various Egyptian, Turkish and Persian masters as well as completing Tamalyn Dallal's teacher training course. Jennifer is currently attending workshops in all styles of bellydance to expand her studies.

Jennifer Jade is celebrating her 10th year as a bellydance instructor. Her distinctive skill of teaching bellydance through metaphors has encouraged numerous students the confidence to perform on stage. A combination of technique, passion, musicality, and authentic emotion has been an inspiration to many.

“My life is more complete because of this dance. I allow the music to flow through me. I pour all that I am into my dancing, so those who watch might get a glimpse of my soul.”



Leslee Penny is a certified mindful practitioner. She’s also certified in Singing Bowl Healing therapy, with over a decade of experience running healing workshops. She’s worked in private healings, clinics, and the Tibetan museum. Her singing bowls deliver hypnotically rejuvenating song and vibration, which will heal your body, mind and spirit and put your cells in alignment. 


Our Gifted Staff


Roberta is a Biosync 

practitioner who studied under the auspices of the 

originator of Biosync, Mark Lamm.  She also studied 

under Dyal Singh Khalsa, who mapped a dimension 

of yogic technology and Reiki onto the original