Tina Caruselle RN

I offer Tarot Readings and Reiki Healings. The Tarot will help you choose the right path in the time of many questions. Reiki can offer a “hands on” or “hands off” energy transfer that can heal or set your energy flow in the right direction.

My name is Brightest Eyes. My lineage is Strega and Native American. I have studied Reiki Healing for many years. My gift of reading the Tarot came to me during the time of my adolescence, past down through generations of respected and influential Strega.

James Hann

James is a certified Breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master, and sound therapy practitioner. His mission is to help people look within and heal their relationships with themselves. He holds safe, sacred space for change through therapeutic conversation, essential oils, and energy clearing tools. He brings a unique personality and perspective to the field with a fiery passion. By bringing this mindful attitude to the table, he hopes at raising awareness of people to their own lives and to the world around them.