Frequently Asked Questions


How do we book an appointment for a service, a reading or a class?

To book an appointment of any kind just call the shop .  We make every effort to work with your time schedule.

Is there a deposit required for booking an appointment?

Yes, at the time of booking an appointment for any of our services, you will be required to leave a $25 deposit.  This deposit is Non-Refundable.  However, with 24 hour notice, we do permit you to cancel and reschedule your appointment without losing your deposit.

Is there a deposit required for events and classes?

Yes, the deposits required for events and classes are half down according to the cost.  These deposits are also Non-Refundable.

How is the deposit paid?

When calling to book an appointment, you will be asked for your credit or debit card.  If you wish to drop off your payment to the shop, that is fine also.  However, appointments made with out a deposit being left will only be held for 24 hours.

What about the balance after the deposit; does that need to be paid by card?

No, you can pay your balance with cash or card.  Please note that there is a 4% charge for all cards used in the shop.  We do not charge the 4% for the deposit.

Can I book an appointment for more than one person or service?

Yes, you can book for as many people as you need to.  There will be a deposit required for each person/appointment booked