This is guided by a Higher Intelligence as it is channeled through the healers hands to the receiver, it knows exactly where to go and how to respond to restrictions in the flow of Chi. It can work directly in the unconscious parts of the mind/body which contains the negative Chi/energy thereby causing blockages that work against overall emotional and physical well being.  As Reiki energy flows through the sick or negative area, it can wash and break up the stagnant energy thus allowing a normal chi flow. While this is happening, the organs and tissues of the body become nourished with chi life force healing energy. Reiki session is 45 minutes with a 10 – 15 discussion of the experience afterward.  


$110 - With  Owner

Zen Reiki/Tarot Combo



Psychic Zen Tarot/Reiki Healing Combination – 1 hour: This is a divination session with the tarot and combined with a healing Reiki session. The first part of session would be the reading to gain insight as to what type of healing is needed. The healing session can include a Reiki, Chakra alignment along with crystal use if  needed. This healing session can help release obstacles and enhance manifestations. The reader/healer will guide you on your personal journey to your answers and healing. 

This session is 1 hour.


Crystal Therapy


 This ancient healing system treats clients holistically through the precise placement of certain crystals on the body and the surrounding room. Crystal therapy itself will offer you a chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with your body’s energies so you can leave feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed. A perfect platform for improved emotional and physical health .  This session is 1 hour.


With Reiki - $100

Medium Readings



This one on one session is with a reader who channels loved ones who have passed on. This connection can help one to gain closure or to simply receive messages from the other side from loved ones for guidance. This session is 40 mins.


$150 - With Owner

Relationship Reading



This is a reading involving both persons in the relationship. The reader does a separate spread for each person to identify where there are any blocks if any and how to tackle such. The reader will guide the couple in a unique way to be able to understand how the energy being transferred back and forth is creating the dynamic the relationship is experiencing. This can spread is specifically for relationships of all kinds, couples, parent-child, etc. It is for two people at the same time.  This session is 40 mins. $90.00

Tarot Readings


A divination session that is psychically guided to achieve insight and greater control over issues involving all aspects of your life and changes to come. The Tarot offers a detached view of what is happening right now and where you are heading in the future. This session is 35 mins. $60.00  


Spirit Guide Readings


This reading is done by the owner who has the gift of mediumship along with the ability to contact your spirit guides. She will guide you through a reading that will be enlightening as well as life changing as she will tell you who your guides are and how to reach out to them. This session is 45 mins. $150

Medium-Tarot Combo



This is the perfect combination of the psychic tarot to get your answers while being guided by passed on loved ones through a medium. This reading will leave you with many questions answered.  

This session is 1 hour 


Candle Dressing



This one on one candle workshop is geared to help you dress and empower your own magick candle for specific purposes. You are given the seals for your specific purpose along with materials needed to dress the candle, a set of instructions with candle will be provided. This personal workshop can help you learn the art of candle magick while creating your own with personal guidance.  This session is 35 min.



Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counseling


This session involves a personal and private client analysis based on the principles of this Ancient Health modality. The counselor is a certified holistic health practitioner as well as a registered Nurse with over 20 years experience in the health care field in most areas of medicine. You will be asked to fill out a client analysis sheet, and given a thorough pulse reading with tongue and eye analysis. You will be informed of your constitution as well as a full diet plan along with specific yoga poses, color therapy and gemstone therapy.  

This session is 1 hour.


Natal Birth Charts



This is also referred to as a birth chart or personality profile, a horoscope or astrological chart that is drawn from the exact time of a person’s birth, and gives a revealing look into your character by analyzing the position of the planets and the astrological houses during the time and date of your birth. This chart will inevitably help better understand oneself and your interactions with those around you.  Client will receive a full report. 

This session is 1 hour. 


Paranormal Investigations



This session involves a team of 4 people who have years of experience in dealing with the paranormal. Using state of the art updated equipment to investigate what you are experiencing and finding out what it is, if unknown. This involves a basic cleansing afterwards as well. The team will work closely with you and your family and will have recording equipment as well so you will also be able to view . The cleansing involved is a basic cleansing and is optional or can be upgraded. Call for more information on the different types of cleansings offered. Typical session is 2 hours.


Shamanic Drum Circle


Feel the power of the drum and its healing ability while the facilitator guides everyone with the heartbeat for healing and manifestation followed with the eagle beat for a meditative journey. Participating in this traditional North American style drumming will bring clarity and peace to all participants. You may bring your own drum or share in the large community pow wow drum.

This is a 1 hour class held every other Tuesday at 7:30pm.  

Please check calendar for dates.


Belly Dancing



Open to all levels. This ancient Eastern style dance class will give you the tools to bellydance in no time. This sensuous style of dance is sure to enliven and awaken the goddess within you and give you an amazing workout with dance. The instructor brings over 20 years of professional belly dance experience to your training so you are able to not only master the mystical art of the bellydance but leave with an amazing tool of self expression.  

This is a 75 minute class held every other Tuesday at 7pm.  

Please check calendar for dates.

$15 per class or 5 for $60.

Guided Meditation



  This meditation is facilitated by a Reiki master who guides you through stages of meditation and breathing techniques to invoke healing on a deep cellular level. This class is great for beginners who never meditated as well as the experienced.  

Call for scheduled classes.





This session is designed to unwind the fascia of your muscles, relieving both physiological as well as emotional stress. This appointment will bring you into an organic state, free from tension. Meet your inner-self – stress free!

Be prepared for a non-traditional experience. You are dressed in loose, comfortable clothes.   This session is 1 hour.




A session will help you sicover the realms of the unconscious mind, allowing you to identify and activate your inner resources.  You will learn new ways for resolving inner conflict, as well as how to handle obtacles and challenges.  This session is 1 hour.


Past Life Regression


This insightful session will reveal past lives you have had to help with current life difficulties and fears.  This session helps to clear programs and subconscious beliefs affecting us today. This session can help open ourselves up to healing not just on a physical level but emotional and spiritual level.  Session is typically 1 hour